Social Media's Selective Vision

When we put our best face forward to our social media feeds, we create an unattainable standard for us to maintain and for our friends to reach. It eats away at the trust and self-belief that underpins every good relationship. What we choose to post may not be quite so social after all.

What is missing in our lives that we idolise so readily this Unsocial Media?

Why Hide Abuse?

Asking the provocative and revealing question, why do victims of abuse feel the need to hide their abuse?

Beyond Despair

Addressing the despair of someone who is homeless, in poverty or suffering helps to ease their suffering.

Discovering and addressing the cause of despair re-opens the door to life.

Reality in the Mirror

If you belive only what you see, you are painfully out of touch with reality.

Look outside the mirror if you want to see who 's shaping your life.

Barriers Create Dependency

The social barriers we create that limit people's contribution to society impoverish society by limiting the contribution to society that they are able to make.

And that creates the very dependency we use to justify the barriers we have created.