Pandora's Box

The mother of the conspiracy theory, Pandora is at constant risk of abuse and rape. She concocts a story about demons and spirits in her box to dissuade men from attacking her. They are unsure and surround the box, driven in equal part by lust and fear. Their weapons are trained at the demons. When one shoots, another dies. Thus, conspiracy theorists evidence their lies born of the seeds of hate.  Pandora's box has unleashed the demons that resist containment for as long as today's aggressors sew fear and hate, in equal parts.


It is important for us to understand the nature of life because we are part of life itself. If we a part of it, we are invested in sustaining it, This is why climate change is of such an existential nature for us.

Life is the emergence of order from chaos. We need to retain the majesty of its order to maintain our own future.

Pursuit of Happiness

You don't achieve happiness in its raw pursuit. Happiness emerges as a natural bi-product of your body's reward for you doing the right thing by it. Empty happiness, experience of pleasure isolated from its natural state, feels enjoyable but hollow. The problem with pursuit of happiness for its own sake is it opens us to manipulation by others. In particular, commercial organisations pile in to sell us a fake happiness for exclusively profit motives.

The irony is that we do not need to pursue happiness to find it. Of course we need a sufficient material items to surive comfortably. But we need positive, reaffirming social connnection with others. And we need stimulation. Pursue these goals and natural happiness takes delight in finding us first.  

Melting Point

This work highlights the impact we make on the world, on ourselves and on life itself when we choose to continue to use fossil energy. We thought the Titanic was indestructible too.


"Moses" depicts a fictional painting of Moses watching the children of Israel pass into the promised land, the land he has dreamt of his whole life, the land he has just been told he will never live to see.

It tells the story of personal growth, adulthood, fulfilment and leadership. Its key themes are explored and explained in this article.

Forever Ukraine

As Russia targets its bombs at Ukrainian buildings, it targets life itself. As the majestic Ukrainian people rise from the rubble, their spirit flows and scatters as seeds in the wind, growing and flourishing wherever they land.

For as Ukrainian mothers stand, as they nurture the Ukrainian spirit in their hearts and in the hearts of their children, they embody the spirit of Ukraine. For wherever Ukrainians stand proud, Ukraine will forever flourish.

Bubble Vision

In our increasingly polarised world, we live in our own cosy bubbles. We lose compassion or interest in the wellbeing of our neighbours. We become blind to the manipulation of the social and economic environment by the people who control it.

When we become wilfully blind to the suffering of our neighbours, we become exposed to exactly the same harm as befalls them. And we never see it until it is too late, when the bubble is burst. 

The Injustice of Rape

In 2022, the conviction rate for rape in the UK is most likely less than 1%.

UK justice makes  Lady Justice blind and women victims mute, objectified and terrorised by the justice system. Whilst the rapist causes immediate distress, failed justice extends and magnifies the suffering for every day of its failure.

The Fallacy of Oppression

We are a social species. We have developed evolutionary advantage from collaborating with each other. This is the basis of our astounding economic and technological advance. When we oppress parts of society, we compromise our advantage, undermining our security and quality of life..

Damaging Teachers ...

Student mental wellbeing and preparedness for adult life have probably never been lower. When it comes to education, the government says one thing in public (that it is improving standards). But behind closed doors, it does exactly the opposite (decimating education by cutting funding, making unattainable demands and terrorising teachers into submission). 

The impact of government hypocrisy in education is explored in this article.

Cut Down Poverty

There is a link between the level of shame we put on people and their level of poverty. There is an antidote to shame - community, making people feel welcome. We can help people out of shame by giving them a helping hand in their hour of need. If we want to address poverty, we have to address the shame we heap on others.

The link between shame and poverty is explained and explored in this article.

The Fabric of Love

There are three types of romantic love. The first type of love is Impassioned. It is powerful and energetic. It births the social fabric from which long-term relationships develop. The wild radiation of energy can not last more than a handful of years. The second is Divergent, where one person is more committed than the other. It is destined for misery and failure and helps to explain the high divorce rates. Social fabric can not be woven alone any more than one hand alone can clap.  The third type of love is Connected, It is the love of mutual bonding, the love of forever. The fabric factory allows the couple to weave an emotional wrapper that protects and cements their future together through mutual support and respect. How are the threads woven? It's quite natural if we remember how.

The Rising Time of MEvolution

The Rising Tide of MEvolution represents the impact of our excessive focus on Me and the disastrous effect is having on the outcomes of the evolution we have engineered that determine our future destiny. It is not too late for us to redirect our cultures to remove the excessively self-interested cancers that eat away at our metaphorical hearts and lungs.

Social Media's Selective Vision

When we put our best face forward to our social media feeds, we create an unattainable standard for us to maintain and for our friends to reach. It eats away at the trust and self-belief that underpins every good relationship. What we choose to post may not be quite so social after all.

What is missing in our lives that we idolise so readily this Unsocial Media?

Why Hide Abuse?

Asking the provocative and revealing question, why do victims of abuse feel the need to hide their abuse?

Beyond Despair

Addressing the despair of someone who is homeless, in poverty or suffering helps to ease their suffering.

Discovering and addressing the cause of despair re-opens the door to life.

Reality in the Mirror

If you belive only what you see, you are painfully out of touch with reality.

Look outside the mirror if you want to see who 's shaping your life.

Barriers Create Dependency

The social barriers we create that limit people's contribution to society impoverish society by limiting the contribution to society that they are able to make.

And that creates the very dependency we use to justify the barriers we have created.