The Ascension Trilogy

A trilogy of novellas that tell the story of exclusion, redemption and personal growth through self-discovery. At its core, it explores the role of exclusion and connection in finding purpose and fulfilment in life.

The first novella, The Descent, tells the story of a trainee priest who is parachuted to a parish before he has completed his training. The parish is his home parish. The parish priest, who had abused the trainee in his childhood, died suddenly. The abuse has left the trainee with unresolved issues that creep into his communal leadership. The community is staunchly traditional, closed to new ideas and closed to the idea that their beloved priest may have abused children. This sets up the trainee on a collision course with the community. In his innocence and naivety, there can only be one winner. The impact is devastating on the trainee whose life descends catastrophically out of control.

The second novella, The Resurrection, is a short story about the new priest's close encounter with depression and suicide. The distinction between reality and spirituality becomes blurred as he is rescued from death by a mysterious passer-by.

The final novella, The Ascent, tells the story of the priest's journey back to full strength. His growth is seen in the personalities of the different people he befriends during his journey back to life. This story is one of vibrancy and hope, the human state of wellbeing that can be attained through acceptance, inclusion and positive social connections with family and true friends.

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